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Welcome to Black Ops Advanced Tactical Laser Tag, the most realistic combat experience in the world.

Players kit out with very realistic gear, originally designed for police and military, and duke it out on real battlefields from around the world. This isn’t your ordinary laser tag centre with plastic gear and black lit arenas. Black Ops uses real props and scenes, environmental lighting and noise, and more to immerse you in the action. Missions and scoring are displayed and controlled in real time with state-of-the-art software for all the world to see. Player accounts track scores, so rankings display who is the best of the best across the world.

Are you ready for world’s most realistic laser tag experience?

Imagine moving with your squad at dusk through a dark alley in search of an enemy hide out. Jets are flying overhead, explosions are going off nearby, and bullets are whizzing by on the next street over. You find the building and breach. Chaos ensues with guns blazing and bad guys running in every direction. You have one more minute to eliminate the threat before the bomb goes off…

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Track all your scores and work your way up the rankings!

Black Ops is the future of live action gaming. We bring you the most advanced laser combat system in the world (used by the U.S.Army and NYPD), coupled with our ultra-realistic Hollywood movie set indoor playing field. Get to Black Ops and experience Hollywood in real life.

Forget Paintball and Airsoft!

Black Ops integrates the best of online gaming with the world’s most extreme sports, finally bringing paintball, Airsoft, and the first person shooter together. Think Call of Duty, but in real life! Black Ops replaces the “Honour System” with hi-tech software that tracks every hit and kill – no more cheating! Most importantly, unlike today’s video games, Black Ops requires you to get off the couch and into the game! Black Ops takes players out of the virtual world of today’s most popular video games and instead let them compete in REAL world environments. All you need bring is a sense of adventure and your imagination.

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