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How much does a session cost?

A session costs R400 per person for 90 minutes.

How long does a Black Ops session last?

A round lasts 90 minutes, and this includes gearing up and briefing at the beginning of every mission.

How do I make a booking?

Send the team an email to, with the following information:  Date, time, number of players and contact number.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Payment for your booking must be received 24 hours prior to your booking. Slots get filled up quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment.

What is the minimum and maximum number of players?

The minimum number of players required to run a session is 6 and the maximum is 40 players.

How long is a mission?

The duration of the missions vary between 5 and 10 minutes and is also dependent on how fast you finish a mission.

How many missions do we play in a session?

You will typically get through 4 or 5 missions. The faster you return to base and get ready for the next briefing, the more missions you will be able to play.

What is the process once I get to Black Ops for my booked session?

Check in at reception and collect your iCOMBAT membership card. Hang on to your card! You will need it to check in every time you play. To save time, pre-register on the Black Ops iCOMBAT Barracks website. You can also register when you get here, just ask one of the officials for assistance.

Can I get hurt and will the lasers damage my eyes?

No, this is a projectile-less system and uses an infrared light that is no more harmful than your TV remote. There is, however, the option of the StressX Belt should you wish to add another element of realism to your experience.

How many rounds can I shoot?

Every player will receive 3 magazines. Each magazine will allow you to fire 150 rounds. Additional magazines can be purchased in advance but not during gameplay, so use your ammo wisely.

Do you have refreshments for sale?

Yes, refreshments may be purchased from the kiosk next to the viewing deck.

How do I check my ranking?

You can visit to access the leader board and view your stats.

Can we bring our own firearms?

Strictly no firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed in the arena. All firearms must be declared upon arrival.

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