Law Enforcement Crisis Management With CQCSA

Black Ops’s arsenal and tracking system provide law enforcement training with the best method possible for tactical training. Train cheaper, faster and anywhere. With Black Ops and iCOMBAT you have access to the right equipment used for training by the U.S. Army, FBI. NYPD, SWAT officers and now with the operational instruction and training from CQCSA.

Saving Lives Through Technology

Our weapons are modelled after the AR15 platform, which allows law enforcement to realistically train in any environment. The rifle, along with the other weapons in our arsenal, discharges no projectile, but instead emits an infrared signal, which is entirely safe to the eye and will not harm nearby objects. Trainees wear harnesses and vests, which can pick up shots fired from any of our state-of-the-art weapons.

It Doesn’t Get More Real Than This

With our equipment and software, we are afforded the ability to provide law enforcement agencies from around the nation a safe and reliable training product. Tactical teams can practise entry, movement, hostage situations, and more, all while allowing instructors to participate. Teams can easily run their drill and leave when the time comes. Black Ops’s system is quick, efficient, and the need for protective gear is eliminated and no mess is created.


Home Defense

Learn how to protect yourself

Take any or all of our home defense courses, and learn how to protect yourself from danger. You’ll learn from our CQCSA trainers and complete live training using our state-of-the-art environment and training weapons.

Defense Courses

Home Defense 101
This course covers the basics of home defense, legal issues, prevention, and common technique.

Firearm Control
This course provides advanced knowledge and practice of firearm control and use. Learn key shooting positions and holster options.

Advanced Movement
Learn the best way to move and approach danger in different environments to stay safe.

Lowlight Technique
Find out how to defend yourself in lowlight situations. Try it out and train with a variety of flashlights.

Open Areas
Learn how to recognise danger in open areas and prepare for avoidance, confrontation, and the aftermath.

Violence in Vehicles
Learn best practices for defending yourself while in a vehicle.

Concealed Carry

Law Enforcement Training

Unmatched tactical training

CQC SA specialises in firearm, tactical and operational training, catering to both the local and international markets.
Based in Johannesburg, CQC SA was originally established by a former SANDF Special Services Battalion Member, and now continues to be expertly steered by a team of highly experienced and passionate professionals.
With over 40 years worth of experience, we are proud to not only be a leader in tactical firearms training but, also home of close quarter combat (CQC) in South Africa.

Our vision is to provide professionals with expert close quarter combat, firearm and operational instruction and training, relevant to their operational requirement.

Training Features

  • Full-indoor police training
  • Real world setting and props
  • Environmental sound and lighting
  • Live actors available for role playing
  • Realistic training weapons
  • Training classrooms
  • Live video recording and feedback
  • All stats monitored and recorded
  • Certified, professional training staff

When we use this type of a system, we are going to be able to get the most out of our training.

Sergeant Chris J

New Berlin PD

…the opportunity to actually darken the place out, make it loud, make it light, change the environment…just that adjustment alone, gets them (officers) on a different level of thinking.

Captain Frank M

Waukesha County Sheriff's Office

Real-life scenarios for real-life training!

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