The Game – More Realism

Black Ops Advanced Tactical Laser Tag is a live action combat simulation, placing you in the most realistic laser tag field in the world.

Realistic Equipment

Black Ops is powered by the newest U.S. Military-spec, projectile-less, training platform currently deployed with the FBI, the U.S. Army, and tactical training academies around the world. Black Ops takes players out of the virtual worlds of today’s most popular video games and instead lets them compete in REAL world environments.

The Field

Black Ops Johannesburg has a groundbreaking 1500 sq metre, ultra-realistic Hollywood film set layout that takes the battle in and out of a war-torn town- Battlefield Baghdad, which is kitted out with an Army base, an Embassy, Town hall, Hospital, Warehouse, Mansion, Graveyard, Ghettos, Police Station, Gym and Marketplace, including a restaurant, clothing store, toy store, video store, spice store and supermarket. Players are immersed in battle amid the sounds of chaos and music in simulations of classic scenarios like Team Deathmatch, Blackhawk Down and Judge Dredd.

Black Ops Advanced Tactical is a hybrid of paintball, Airsoft and indoor laser tag. We’ve taken the adrenaline rush of mission-specific gaming to a whole new level. We created a unique thinking game, so participants can be strategic when playing. Which is why it is perfect for gamers taking part in teams – it creates a goal and objective for the team as a whole to achieve. We put a lot of effort into the realism of the game. The sounds are lifelike – you will hear bullets, bombs, helicopters and explosives. It is completely immersive! So, come on: Stimulate your senses.

Players are placed on different teams and have specific functions, duties, and roles. On the first mission you might be in command of a team escorting a high-ranking official and on the next mission you might be a sharp shooter hiding in a snipers nest. Regardless of your role, you need to work as a team in order to win.

No Pain

No Mess

No Bulky Gear

…But state-of-the-art equipment and all the adrenaline!

The Experience

Laser tag is no longer boring!

Forget black lights and cheesy plastic guns with UV lights and wooden panels for walls. Black Ops is the future of laser tag gaming. You’ll complete thrilling missions while fighting on Battlefield Baghdad, the most realistic field in the world.

Teams will duke it out using realistic equipment with live noise and recoil. Become fully immersed in our arena featuring incredible sound and lighting. Jets scream overhead and bombs rattle your teeth even Zombies take over the field. Black Ops is not for the timid!

Let’s make you a solider for the day!


Battlefield Baghdad

Battlefield Baghdad was designed from the ground up as a stimulating tactical arena for laser tag. Mud buildings, sandy asphalt streets, closing doors, steps, and real props all create an exciting and realistic battlefield.

Realistic combat zones

With over 30 rooms, 2 stories, and 6 different neighbourhoods, Black Ops puts players into a unique battle experience. Choose to patrol the streets, hide in the shadows, or wreak havoc from above. No matter how many times you play, you won’t get bored.

Fully immerse your senses

The battle environment is always changing. Each mission takes place in a different setting. Fight at dawn or dusk, day or night. Bombs and thunder light up the sky and rattle your teeth. You’ll hear jets shriek overhead while bullets whiz past. Shooting certain objects will fill the field with dense fog. Realistic props and environmental lighting offer clues when planning your attack.

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